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When you decide to have a stand in Paris you are deciding to create a showcase to the rest of the world.

For over the last centuries, Paris has been (and still is) one of the world’s most important and fascinating cities. Paris is charming and refined and bohemian and non-conformist at the same time, and it is also a great spot for business travel.

Contemporanea Eventi offers you the right mix between chic and bohemian design for your booth that every visitor, in the many trade fairs (280+) that the city hosts loves and expects. We are fully aware of the utmost importance that the design of your stand in Paris has for your company’s international impact. This is why we are fully involved in each project, making it our personal goal to achieve success for your company, never losing sight of our specialty in the design of attractive, unique and innovative stands.


Contemporanea Eventi has the know-how needed to make your stand in Paris inspire visitors and boost your company’s success. The high level of training and expertise of our design team can easily compete with the best in Europe. Innovation and creativity are our top priority. We will make your booth in Paris stand out and we will make it attractive, trendy and comfortable with adequate light systems, ambience music, a perfect multilingual hostess service, sophisticated catering, etc.

Our contacts and colleagues take care of all these details to make the experience of your stand in Paris the perfect one.


In Contemporanea Eventi we know the importance of your company’s image during a congress, fair or event. That is the reason why we get completely involved in the creation of your stand in Paris, working alongside the client as a team.

From the first moment of our first meeting we make it our target to get the essence and the values of your company, make it personal for us and express them in your stand in Paris in a creative and faithful way. The quality of the materials used, the perfection of the construction and the dozens of final details are strictly supervised and controlled by our team from beginning to end. Our aim is to get our clients totally involved in the whole process because no one knows your business and your brand better than you. We consider your feedback of the highest importance for designing the booth in Paris that exactly reflects what your company is and offers in the most innovative way. Elegance and trendiness are what you need to be successful in Paris. We know how to do it.


Despite the fact that Contemporanea Eventi’s headquarter is located in Barcelona, we are at your service wherever you choose to have an exhibition. Looking for a creative stand in Paris? We are global – we have offices in Bologna, Madrid and Warsaw but we also have a wide network of contacts who will ensure that your booth in Paris exactly includes what you need. Our designer’s team will travel anywhere to supervise all the works and will solve any minor problems that can arise.

Our building teams have proved their efficiency throughout the years. Our staff will take care of any legal matter and we will take care of dismantling and returning everything to your company without further inconveniences as soon as the event is over.


Paris is the center of art, culture and fashion. This is why it hosts up to +280 Trade Fairs in 42 different facilities. A large number of them are focused on fashion design and all kinds of industries related to beauty and textiles.

Art is another outstanding focus, one of the major events takes place in THE BIENNALE PARIS (Paris International Antique Fair).

Gastronomy also attracts a large number of visitors, such as the GOURMET SELECTION, GOURMET FOOD AND WINE SELECTION and NATURE ET VINS.

These are just a few examples but you can find out more if you are looking to participate in a trade fair in Paris.
Whatever information you might need please ask us. We will be delighted to help you.


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