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The city of Barcelona has its own personality thanks to its people and its impressive architecture, wide streets, and stunning monuments. Due to its strategic position on the Mediterranean and having one of Europe’s most important ports, Barcelona has always been influenced by other cultures. It is a melting pot of different cultures and eras that create a unique ecosystem where you can find everything from Gothic architecture to the most modern buildings and facilities. The careful attention to design in this city is clearly understood and reflected in the way spaces and infrastructures are created.


We can say that interior design in Barcelona arises from the influence of Art Nouveau, with Antoni Gaudí being its main representative. His work was a turning point in the city’s personality: he created a personal and unique style known as Catalan Modernism, which can be found throughout Barcelona.

Gaudí was a remarkable architect who left an immense cultural heritage and also created new ways of understanding architecture and interior design. Gothic, oriental, and natural influences mixed in his creations. Gaudí covered all aspects of design and architecture in the various buildings and houses he designed, from the Sagrada Família Basilica, Casa Batlló, and Park Güell to La Pedrera, Colònia Güell, and Casa Vicens.

He considered the entire building as part of his creation, from the structures and decoration of its facades to the interior design of the houses, stairs, elevators, or doors. The focus of the building was holistic, a complete work of art where different techniques such as ceramics, glassware, iron forging, and carpentry were integrated with engineering and architecture in a perfect combination. He balanced tradition and innovation perfectly, and there is no doubt that he was the precursor of Catalan interior design.

From there, interior design in Barcelona has experienced exponential development.


The most important element of interior design is the idea of design and space as a unique entity that flows harmoniously to highlight everything it contains.

Just take a walk around the city to see the importance of interior design in Barcelona. Just by looking at the shop windows, you can see how far the window display (with its visual variant of marketing) has become relevant to interior design.

Contemporanea makes a shop window display the qualities of a product and increases the desire to buy in the minds of its customers. Its design is a very careful creation that has to display the product in a certain way to catch the attention of potential customers who are then drawn to enter the store. Once inside, they find an atmosphere that makes them want to stay, buy, and return.

The space is shaped with colors, volumes, materials, fabrics, levels… Everything is worked and blended to create a balance of sensations that highlight the product and offer the best shopping experience. Old places are transformed into the most modern stores in a perfect combination of the old and the new, where modernist exuberance coexists with minimalism.


Interior design in Barcelona radiates through its streets and neighborhoods, from the Gothic Quarter with its shops and boutiques to the Olympic Port, with its towers, restaurants, and leisure areas. Walking through the technological district 22 @ and contemplating the peculiar shape of Torre Glòries, formerly known as Torre Agbar.

A showcase of the evolution of a personal and original style in a unique and different city where any activity ceases to be just an activity and becomes a vital experience.
Barcelona equals interior design. Request your quote at Contemporanea Eventi without obligation.