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Booth assembly involves much more than simply constructing a space for a trade show; it also includes the initial conception of the design and how it will look. The goal is always to capture the essence of the company, brand, or product to the fullest and build an area that attracts visitors and makes them feel at ease.

Whether it’s from our headquarters in Barcelona or any of our branches in Madrid, Bologna, and Warsaw, we offer personalized attention to our clients from the first contact with the project to its delivery.


Booth manufacturing goes beyond mere construction; it requires a preliminary understanding of the company’s requirements and needs, which then translate into a well-designed and skillfully crafted booth.

At Contemporanea Eventi, we have been working in the booth manufacturing and assembly sector for over 10 years, and we offer our clients the best service tailored to their specific demands and the type of trade show, conference, or event where they will be present.

Once all our sketches and ideas are finalized and approved, they undergo a 3D design process, allowing our clients to visualize their booth as if it were real. This approach not only helps them see the final result but also minimizes the margin of error during the manufacturing and assembly process.

However, our work doesn’t end there. After the trade show concludes, Contemporanea Eventi also dispatches its team to proceed with the booth dismantling and storage. We take care of every aspect of the booth’s lifecycle to ensure a seamless and comprehensive service for our clients.


Contemporanea Eventi specializes in the design of custom booths, where your product or service will shine at any trade fair, convention, or event.

We utilize artisan techniques to craft our booths, ensuring high-quality finishes that impress both visitors and your competitors. Our creativity knows no bounds, and we can deliver our incredible booths to the best fairs in Spain, France, England, Germany, Italy, or any other country you may need. Whatever idea you have in mind, our bespoke booths will turn it into a reality.

Our service extends beyond booth construction; we become your partner throughout the entire process: from conceptualization, construction, and assembly to the final dismantling.

Contact us now and request more information with no obligations.