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If you want to promote your company and its products in an expanding market, Oporto is the place to have your stand.

Oporto is the second largest city in Portugal, and is one of the most commercial and industrial spots of the city.

Ask us about your stand in Oporto. Contemporanea Eventi can help you. We are experts in stand designing for trade fairs, congresses and events with more than 20 years of activity in this sector.

We are conscious of the importance that the design of your stand in Oporto has for your company’s international impact. Trade shows attract a large number of clients and visitors who want to check the novelties, open new markets or start new business relationships. Contemporanea Eventi and you have a common goal and that is to make your brand and your company well known, making the investment in your stand highly profitable. That is why our professionals are fully involved in designing the perfect booth in Oporto for you.

Contemporanea Eventi will be with you all through the process.


A brilliant performance of your stand in Oporto is Contemporanea Eventi’s priority and it stands on creating the best design and an innovative image that reflects exactly what your business does and offers to the Portuguese public and international visitors.

Our design team competes successfully with the best stand designers in the world. We gather the most qualified and creative resources, ready to face any challenge that you propose to us for your booth in Portugal. We have over 20 years of experience and a wide portfolio in different settings that you can check.

If you decide to invest in a booth in Oporto it is because you want to bring new clients to your company, and therefore achieving a consistent growth of your business and revenue. We have the skills you need to meet your goals.

Take the time to get in touch with us, and listen to our proposals. Above all, we want to be an active part of your success and we have the means to do it.


Contemporanea Eventi always provides a side by side collaboration with our clients. Our expertise in this field has proven that working closely with you is the most effective way of achieving what you need: a customised stand in Oporto, tailored to your needs.

Listening to your needs and knowing your ideas, grasping the values of your company and assessing the strong points is the way we work. Once the project is outlined, we discuss any possible changes with you until we all reach a complete satisfaction with the final result – a unique design for a unique company.

Your visitors will be dazzled by the originality and comfort. Your success is our success too.


Looking for a creative stand in Porto? Let us take care of it for you.

Our company works internationally. Wherever you need your stand we will be there for you. We have a wide network of colleagues and contacts – designers, builders and even catering, flowers, music or multilingual hostess attention services that will be available to take care any other needs you may have during the event.

Disassembling the booth is the final part of our commitment with you. We will be taking care of your needs from beginning to end.

Feel free to reach us and learn about our company and our philosophy. Book a meeting at any of our offices in Barcelona, Madrid, Bologna or Warsaw with our design staff and feel free to browse our catalogues – we will not disappoint you.

Our time and effort are at your disposal. Contact us today and let’s start working on the perfect design of your exhibition.


The city of Porto hosts over 20 different trade fairs.
The main trade show venue is Exponor, which hosts a wide variety of fairs in multiple niches:

  • PORTOJÓIA: International Jewelry, Gold and Watch Exhibition.
  • AUTOCLÁSSICO International Classic and Vintage Automobile and Motorcycle Exhibition.
  • CONCRETA International Building Materials Exhibition.
  • EXPOSIÇÃO CANINA International Dog Show of Northern Portugal.
  • EXPOCOSMÉTICA International Exhibition of Cosmetics
  • EROS PORTO Erotic Show and Exhibition
  • EMAF International Machine Tool and Accessories Exhibition
  • MAQUISHOES Machines, Technology and Accessories for the Footwear Industry Fair.
  • At the Edificio da Alfândega (Porto) you can find the MOD’TISSIMO Exhibition of Fabrics and Accessories for Clothing.


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