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There are several reasons why we believe that Munich should be a priority when planning to participate in an international trade fair.

Munich plays a main role as an economic center, being one of the largest industrial cities in Germany. Besides, it is a major international center of engineering, science, innovation, and research. Automobiles, creative industries and the service sector have a great presence in this vibrant city, and so do engineering, electronics, biotechnology and many other industries.

It is indeed the place to have your booth in any of its important trade fairs and get to be known worldwide and achieve a great expansion of your business. In every event the city fills up with thousands of internationals visitors searching for innovative products, new markets and business relationships.

Contemporanea Eventi is a company dedicated to stand designing for trade fairs, congresses and events with more than 20 years of experience in the field. We are conscious of the utmost importance that the design of your booth in Munich has for your company’s international impact and that is why we are fully involved in each project without missing our specialty in the design of attractive and innovative stands. Our aim, as well as yours, is to make your brand and your company well known and your investment highly profitable.


Contemporanea Eventi has the highest levels of knowledge and the best qualified working teams which allow us to compete with the best stand designers in the world. Our design team gathers the most qualified and creative staff and is willing to take any challenge that you propose to us for your stand in Munich. We have years of experience and a wide portfolio where you can browse our work in different settings.

Your company’s goal when you decide to have a booth in Munich is to draw potential clients to your company, resulting in a consistent growth of your business and revenue. We have the skills you need to meet your goals.


In Contemporanea Eventi we think that working together with our client is the best way to accomplish success in the final result – your stand in Munich. Listening to your demands and ideas and getting to know your business and its values is the first step of a fruitful collaboration. Guiding and interpreting that information in a creative and innovative way is the second step. Ideas and suggestions are always welcomed and discussed widely with you until a satisfactory agreement is reached. We are always happy to learn. This process helps us achieve the best possible result for both parts, which is the perfect booth in your trade show in Munich for you and a happy client for us.


One of the main characteristics of Contemporanea Eventi is that we are globalized. We have offices in Barcelona, Madrid, Warsaw and Bologna, and colleagues in many different cities all over Europe. Our international teams of builders and designers strictly follow the plans elaborated with our client for their stand in Munich. They are ready to build your booth wherever you need it to be set up. Different languages, different cities same quality and level of perfection anywhere.

Builders, designers, electrical technicians, illumination experts, multilingual hostesses and the best catering services will make your business experience in Munich experience the perfect one.


Munich hosts a media of 67 trade fairs, most of them on a yearly basis. It has several facilities where these events take place, the most important of them being the Fairground Messe München which host 37 of these fairs ranging from BAUMA (International Trade Fair for Construction Machinery, Building Material Machines, Construction Vehicles and Equipment), LASER. WORLD OF PHOTONICS (International Trade Fair and International Congress for innovative and practical Laser-technology Optoelectronic), TRENDSET (Glass, Porcelain, Ceramics, Arts and Crafts) to IMPRINT GERMANY (International Exhibition of Print Technology for Industrial Manufacturing) and TRAUDICH MÜNCHEN (Wedding fair).

The facilities of Messen M.O.C host 16 fairs like FORUM VINI (International Wine Fair) and SPIELWIES’N (Games Fair Munich).

Contemporanea Eventi offers you all the assistance and guidance you need to have the most successful stand in Munich.


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