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Why do you need a stand in Cologne? Mainly, to boost your business in the European market and improve your company’s marketing efforts.

Cologne’s commercial importance throughout its history grew out of its position on the Rhine River. Being one of the key inland ports of Europe, one can clearly understand the importance of the trade tradition in Cologne and therefore the need to be present at its 42 very different fairs. These fairs cover different themes such as art, photography and vegan cuisine.

Contemporanea Eventi offers everything you need to design a booth in Cologne and launch your company successfully in the European and international markets. Our exclusive design, professional construction and 20 years of experience creating stands will be at your service from beginning to end.


Are you planning to attend some of the best trade shows and exhibitions in Cologne? Would you like to have an outstanding presence in these fairs?

If that is the case, your goal will most probably be that your booth stands out among the rest. Contemporanea Eventi offers you the most exclusive and innovative design for your stand in Cologne.

Our staff is composed by a group of expert designers with full and updated training in the newest trends and latest innovation techniques, who will design your booth in Cologne according to your needs. Our legal team will handle all the legal procedures regarding rules and regulations of the facilities to make all the process smooth and easy for you. Our staff will take care of major and minor details regarding the construction of your booth in Cologne to make it a favourite spot for potential clients and visitors.


Contemporanea Eventi’s purpose is to build a community of happy, satisfied and loyal clients. We believe in working together with our costumers to create a personalised product. You as a client express your needs and tastes, the principles of your company and the image you want to show to your potential public. We then create a design to adapt the construction of the booth to the taste and preferences of the public and businesspeople visiting the different exhibitions. Your stand’s visitors will be amazed by the originality and comfort of your booth in Cologne, not only because of the construction and decoration but also by other details, such as the catering or hostess services.

Dismantling the stand in Cologne quickly and smoothly is the last part of our service. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about anything but celebrating your success.


Contemporanea Eventi has gone global! Despite the fact that our headquarters are located in Barcelona, wherever you choose to have an exhibition, we will be there for you! We have offices in Madrid, Bologna and Warsaw. We have colleagues and different teams working for us meeting our quality standards.

We’ll be at your side wherever your booth is located. If you are looking for a creative stand design company, come visit us! Book a meeting with our people, get to know us, our philosophy, the way we work: we will not disappoint you!

The image and outstanding design of your stand is the key for a successful performance. We have a large experience and we can create the most innovative design for exhibition stands in any part of the world you need us.


The Köln Messe is a convention centre with halls for fairs and exhibitions situated on the right bank of the River Rhine, where most of the trade shows take place.

In this facility, you can find 42 trade shows such as:

  • The Gamescom, the world’s largest trade fair and event highlight for interactive games and entertainment.
  • Cologne Fine Art, the International Fair for Modern and Contemporary Art.
  • Photokina, the World’s Fair for Photo, Video and Imaging.
  • Imm Cologne, the International Furniture Fair. At the Imm Cologne, you will find a unique variety of interior design ideas for every room, every style and every requirement – from the basics all the way to designer items and luxury furnishings.

The Maritim Hotel hosts four, mostly dedicated to the plastic industry, while the XPOST Köln holds one, the VeggieWorld Köln, a consumer show dedicated to vegan lifestyle in Cologne.


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