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Why do you need a booth in Berlin and why does your company need to attend to the different events and fairs held in the city? Here are some reasons! Berlin is the most populated city in Germany and Central Europe and one of the most influential cities, politically speaking, of the European Union. In addition, its economy is mainly based on high-tech firms and the service sector, including a wide range of creative industries, research organisms and media corporations.

Contemporanea Eventi can design and plan your stand in Berlin as a focus point to participate in this innovative and highly demanding business city which hosts 53 different trade shows.

What company wouldn’t want to be showcased in this attractive and amazing centre of interest for the business, political and social world? Having a stand in Berlin is a must for any company looking to expand and attract new clients. Contemporanea Eventi has 20 years of experience in stand designing and the know-how to make your stand a unique spot for visitors and clients.


A successful performance of your stand in Berlin is our priority and it stands on creating the best design and an image that reflects exactly what your business is and offers to the German public and foreign visitors.

The efficiency of your booth in Berlin lies on our wide international contact network, which ranges from contractors, printers, hostess services, transportation, florists, catering and musicians. Our colleagues are at your disposition. Anything that your company needs or suggests our expertise can do.

Berlin is specializing more and more in areas like e-commerce, digital media and social media game industry. Universal Music and Sony Music’s headquarters are located in Berlin. That is where Contemporanea Eventi comes in. Our strong knowledge in digital signage for lighting and sound is our best asset for your stand in Berlin.


When it comes to designing your booth in Berlin our staff becomes part of your company. Our main goal is to create your customized booth. Our work is not a copy/paste process. We start from the moment you first visit us, listening to your needs, interpreting them, getting to understand your know-how and producing a unique design which represents you and your company with its values and singular characteristics in a creative and innovative way, to meet the highest standards. The image, presentation and comfort of your booth in Berlin must speak of your company without words.

It is our job to make all that happen with the least disturbances for you, and in collaboration with your organisation. We call that teamwork.
We will walk side by side with you from the beginning of the creation of the booth to its dismantling when the event is over.


When we speak of trade fairs and commerce we are actually moving in an international scenario. This is part of Contemporanea Eventi’s international expansion. Successful businesses need to go global and we have done it! We have developed a very reliable and professional network of experienced contacts, all working to meet our high standards of efficiency, quality and innovation. No matter where you need or how you want your booth, we will be there to fulfil your needs.

Contemporanea Eventi is present in other countries and we have offices in Madrid, Warsaw and Bologne as well as Barcelona.


The city of Berlin holds around 53 trade shows in different facilities each year. It has become a hot spot for business relocation and international investments.

The Science and Business Park in Adlershof is one of the 15 largest technological parks in the world, and there are several others with different sizes in different locations.

Berlin ExpoCenter City, Messe Berlin in German, is the most important convention organizing company in the city. The IFA, The Berlin Fashion Week, the Green week or the erotic Venus fair, among others, are held annually in the city attracting a very large number of businessmen, investors and visitors.

Don’t miss the opportunity of having your booth Berlin in any of the trade shows Berlin hosts. We will make it possible for you!


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