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COMMERCIAL SPACE INTERIOR DESIGN (offices, warehouses, stores, pop-ups, showrooms, stages, etc.) We create unique and functional designs that highlight the identity of your business.
We create unique and functional designs that emphasize the identity of your business.

We transform spaces into unique settings that mirror the essence of the brand

At Contemporánea Eventi, we specialize in commercial interior design, offering extensive experience in the field. We focus on retail projects, corporate offices, and hotels, taking charge of the comprehensive production of their design. Our goal is to achieve extraordinary results in every project from its planning to its final execution.

Our highly qualified team is committed to meeting the needs of all our clients.

We adopt a meticulous approach that involves a thorough analysis of the details of each business. This process allows us to better understand the industry and ensure that our design aligns with the business objectives.

We value the individuality of each client, which is why each design is completely customized and tailored to their specific needs. We are passionate about creating unique spaces that reflect unique identities and become an authentic representation of the brands.

Retail Projects, Hotel Interior Design, Restaurants, and Offices

At Contemporánea Eventi, we guarantee excellence in each project through meticulous supervision at every stage of the manufacturing process. Our priority is to ensure that every detail perfectly aligns with our clients’ specific guidelines and requirements.

We understand the importance of ensuring excellent results, which is why we always recommend enlisting the assistance of professional interior designers. Hiring the services of an agency like ours offers significant advantages, such as cost savings, selection of the most suitable materials at the best price, and the choice of the best specialized suppliers to ensure the quality and efficiency of the project, with personalized professional advice.

We also offer interior design services in the hospitality sector.

Contemporary restaurants that offer a complete experience, and this is achieved through a carefully considered interior design where not only the taste but also the sight, hearing, smell, and touch are delighted: upholstery, furniture, wall decor, every detail is designed in such a way that dining in a restaurant is no longer just eating, but a unique experience engaging all the senses.

Some notable examples of interior design in Barcelona within the hospitality sector include the beautiful Ikibana restaurant, constructed to resemble a forest of interlacing branches where wood, lush leaves, and curves create a sense of movement as light flows, casting varying hues on walls and furniture. Another great example is Tunateca Belfegó, where bluefin tuna is the star ingredient. It was designed to resemble the seabed, based on the colors of the tuna’s skin and flesh – blue, silver, and red.

Aürt, the restaurant at the Hilton Diagonal Mar, which recently won the award for the best-designed European restaurant according to the International Hotel & Property Awards, is located in the hotel’s lobby. There, light and space, along with the colors blue, orange, and wood, which represent the energy of Barcelona, create a unique ambiance for enjoying the culinary spectacle that takes place in front of the guests.

You can’t miss El Nacional, a complete gourmet experience, where you can find up to 8 different culinary areas. It’s vast and industrial, modern and retro, yet at the same time cozy and detail-oriented.

The same goes for hotels: OD Barcelona, where design plays the leading role, or The Edition Hotel, where walnut wood, marble, designer furniture, and artwork combine to create a sense of peace and tranquility.

Office facilities have completely changed their appearance from the uniform boxes with rows of desks and poor lighting of the early 20th century to become spaces that enable the development of the professional skills of their employees, avoiding stress as much as possible. Environments where colors, table layout, lighting, and even ventilation are carefully considered to maximize the capacity and comfort of everyone, aiming for better productivity and efficiency, despite the creation of a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere that fosters good communication both horizontally and vertically.

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We are aware that there is still much to be done to achieve sustainability in the sector, and we are committed to continuing to implement sustainable improvements in our production system to create sustainable spaces.