If there is a city known for art and design that is Milan. There are different trade fairs and exhibitions that range from food or construction to MBA access and railroad machinery. The variety is simply amazing.

However, the city is best known for clothes, textiles, leather and fashion and, of course, furniture design. Milan is a synonym of the best and trendiest design in the world.

Does your company need a stand in Milan in one of the 70 different fairs in the city? If that is the case, your goal will most probably be that your booth is a cut above the rest. Our stands offer an outstanding and innovative design to accomplish Contemporanea Eventi’s purpose: building a community of happy, satisfied and loyal clients.


Our Stands in Milan compete with the best stand designers in the world. Contemporanea Eventi has the experience and the best creative team to satisfy our clients’ demands. A creative design for your booth Milan – always adapted to your company’s business or activity – makes the difference among your competitors.

Your company’s goal is to attract as many potential clients to your booth in Milan as possible but also planting the seeds for the future of your company. Our main goal is to make all this happen.

stand tcl 6 mwc 2019

Stand TCL MWC 2019

stand lleida 1 mwc 2019

Stand Lleida MWC 2019

stand infobip 1 mwc 2019

Stand Infobip MWC 2019

stand applus 3 mwc 2019

Stand Applus MWC 2019

stand crosscall 2 mwc 2019

Stand Crosscall MWC 2019

stand swissvoice 1 mwc 2019

Stand Swissvoice MWC 2019


We have a wide expertise in the major fairs and exhibitions all over Europe. We are aware of the physical locations of the events but also all their rules and regulations, which means we are capable of setting up a great stand in any exhibition centre in Europe.

We have a solid team and different contacts around the globe, such as printers, florists, musicians, hosts, car rental and catering services and anything else your company may need for running your stand in Milan successfully. We also take care of dismantling the booth the last day of the fair, your company doesn’t have to worry about anything related to this complex task.


In Contemporanea Eventi we value the importance of a company’s image during a congress, fair or event. That is the reason why we get completely involved in the creation of stands in Milan, working alongside the client’s team.

From the first draft of our first meeting we try to understand the essence and the values of your company, in order to express them in the booth Milan in a creative and faithful way. The quality of the materials used, the perfection of the construction and the dozens of final details are strictly supervised and controlled by our team from beginning to end.

Our aim is to get our clients totally involved in the whole process because no one knows your business and your brand better than you. Contemporanea Eventi considers your feedback very important for building a booth Milan that exactly reflects what your company is and offers.


We are going global! Even though Contemporanea Eventi is located in Barcelona, wherever you choose to have an exhibition, we will be there for you. You don’t need to worry about a thing – Contemporanea Eventi will be at your side wherever your booth is placed.

If you are looking for a creative stand in Milan design company, with values that can’t be found in other company’s services, come visit us, book a meeting with our people and get to know us and our philosophy: we will not disappoint you!

Your stand visitors will be amazed by the originality and comfort of your booth in Milan, not only because of its construction and decoration but also by other details, such as the catering or hostess attention services.

Our headquarters are in Barcelona, so you could come and visit us any time you want. Contact us today and let’s start working on the perfect design of your stand in Milan!


Fiera di Milano (Milan Trade Fair) is the most important trade fair and exhibition organiser in Italy and one of the largest in the world. They handle management and organization of trade fairs, exhibitions and conferences. It hosts around seventy shows and 30000 exhibitors per year.

Most importantly, Fiera di Milano owns three very relevant infrastructures in Milan. These are Fieramilanocity, MICo and Fieramilano which is one of the biggest fairgrounds in the world. All three perfectly well communicated to the city centre and main hotels areas.

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