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Contemporanea Eventi is a Company dedicated to creating and providing tailored exhibition stand design for congresses, ferias and events. It is located in Barcelona and it has delegations in different Europe countries.

Contemporanea Eventi has over 20-year experience working within booth design sector. Contemporanea Eventi is compound of a people team distributed among the departments, giving advise and helping clients designing and constructing tailored stands appropriate for their needs.


Congresses, ferias, conventions… Contemporanea Eventi is highly experienced in creation and development of booth design for significant Companies and great diversity of sectors. We are aware of the importance of the stand for the clients, our team is completely involved in every project.

We develop attractive and ground breaking stands, with an eye-catching in stand design that delights your visitors, achieving a positive result on the inversion realized in ferias, events and congresses.

Besides, we work from the beginning with a very real model, so they can control all the process and all the elements related with it.


Contemporanea Eventi is a Company with a high international experience. That’s why we have offices not only in Barcelona –where the main office is- but also in Madrid, Bologna and Varsow.

From every office we provide our clients the design, construction and development of their booth. Our objective is to create design stands with the company essence or brand, that attracts visitors.

That’s why our Project Managers work in every detail of the stand design and his construction. From the first draft to the last fitting piece / until the work is completed.


Thanks to our high experience, we have a stand design service that goes beyond the conception and construction of the booth. Our wide-ranging network contacts with prominent experts in the field around the world allows us to offer our clients a unique value-added

Besides the stand design, we also give advise in every thing related with the event, like airport transfer, catering services or other solutions in every unforeseen.

For its location, Spain is one of the most important countries in fairs and international events. Companies take profit of the events establishing new business. Thousands of visitors walk into the stands to know the news or to learn about the activity they present, and mass media come to find something that catch their attention.

The booth design is an essential element which reflects the Brand or the Company and its the place where ties are forged. That’s why Contemporanea Eventi are experts in creating bespoke exhibition design in Spain and Europe.

stand tcl 6 mwc 2019

Stand TCL MWC 2019

stand lleida 1 mwc 2019

Stand Lleida MWC 2019

stand infobip 1 mwc 2019

Stand Infobip MWC 2019

stand applus 3 mwc 2019

Stand Applus MWC 2019

stand crosscall 2 mwc 2019

Stand Crosscall MWC 2019

stand swissvoice 1 mwc 2019

Stand Swissvoice MWC 2019


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