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When we participate in a trade show, it is crucial that we get to attract customers to our corporate stand so that we can meet most of our objectives. Even more so if we talk about the Mobile World Congress: a colossus in the trade fair sector that attracts not only public, but also the attention of all the media and a city, Barcelona, a place that year after year comes to a still during the time the fair is held.

But how can we possibly get more than 100,000 potential MWC visitors to notice our stand and pay us a visit? How can we lure the cameras and the flashes so that our trade stand at MWC 2023 can be on all TV screens around the world? There are diverse factors to take into consideration in order to procure an attractive corporate stand. We, Contemporanea Eventi, bring you 5 factors with which success is guaranteed.


#1 Detailed and tailor-made corporate stand design

This is without a doubt one of the most important factors, since this will be the platform from which our corporate brand at the fair will be projected. A good design should not only attract customers to our trade stand at the Mobile World Congress 2023, but it should also specifically bring in potential customers. In order words, the design should be aimed at the type of customers we want to attract, final customers, investors, or professionals in the field.

Likewise, the design of our stand will vary depending to our objective. We may want to promote a new product or service at the trade fair, so we will prioritize an appealing display of the product or just emphasize our brand, for which we should prioritize the use of corporate colors, logos, etc. All in an elegant and neat manner.

If our priority is networking or the search of investors / partners, we will create comfortable spaces where to be able to have a pleasant, stress-free conversation and have a one-on-one talk and build experiences together.

In short, it is important for your corporate stand to be attractive for customers as well as functional so you can meet your set targets. In order for both requirements to be achievable, it is always a good idea to count on a company specialized in stand construction and assembly for the MWC, since knowing each one of the editions since 2006 allows the unique perspective to discern what works (and what doesn’t) more comprehensively.

#2 Find the best location in Fira Barcelona

Another important factor that will determine the number of potential customers visiting our corporate stand is its location within Fira Barcelona. Try to find spots where movement is greater, or what is the same, those areas where the constant motion of your target public will be guaranteed.

Such places can be close to the stands of the leading companies in the sector, but also spaces like cafés, restaurants and even the restrooms; areas that are hardly empty even at off-peak hours.

Similarly, go for the greater number of possible accessible sides, for instance, placing them in a corner with access on three sides, or even island shaped.

What spaces should we otherwise avoid? Areas without exits, like the sides of the hall, spots with little visibility due to external elements or other nearby stands and locations close to a stage or other areas meant for performances or presentations because even if they may bring in public, the noise generated by the activity in question will prevent you from taking care of your customer adequately.

#3 A trade stand that “matches up to the occasion”

Would the Rolling Stones perform on any stage? The Mobile World Congress is the Glastonbury of all fairs, the Coachella of communication. Therefore, your staging should be up to the challenge, and should be used wisely…

Forget about functional flat stands: you come here to stand out in an elegant manner. In order to do so, you can play a bit with stands at different levels, floating elements and balanced lighting that will allow people to see each other properly, use different materials and shapes, etc.

The stand design must be characteristic, personal, but without overdoing it… it is better to suggest and invite, than scream for attention. For this, bearing in mind the design of your trade stand for the Mobile World Congress 2023 is as important as those other stands near you.

In this factor, experience is king: the visibility spots will vary according to the area where the stand is located, and the value of the constructor’s expertise in stand building will increase if they have frequently been to earlier editions of the Mobile World Congress and now know Fira Barcelona like the back of their hand.

#4 Use marketing techniques

Everything involving your participation in the Mobile World Congress 2023 must be surrounded by outright professionalism. There are so many business opportunities that arise from participating in the MWC that we cannot afford any loose ends; hence a professionally designed stand must be provided with a soul, points of attraction, public … Consequently, part of the budget should be allocated to promotional techniques both inside and outside the fair.

Event apps such as EventMobi or evenTwo are increasingly used in the world of congresses, offering a number of benefits to those exhibitors wishing to increase their reach. One of the options is to add an alarm so that all visitors using that App are made aware of the location of your corporate stand. This is a great way to outstand your competition and reach your potential customers in a direct fashion.  

And even though it might sound like an ancient method, giving away sample or objects is still a trick as classic as it is effective. If possible, you can hand out samples of your product, if not, you can always give away other corporate merchandising aligned with the fair such as pen driveslanyards or phone skins. This may draw a large number of people to your stand, and although it does not guarantee that they will be all interested in your services, it will work as a remarkable tool for brand presence.

… Do not forget the Mobile World Congress 2023 pins

To give away pens at a technological trade fair might not be the best idea to draw attention, but when it’s time to select your merchandising, bear in mind that creativity can exceed functionality…

This is the case of the acclaimed Google pins from the Mobile World Congress. Who would like to get a pin in 2023? The answer is everyone visiting the so-called “Android Avenue”, a permanent space within the Mobile World Congress that is reserved for Google app, where at each stand, you receive an attractively designed pin with which to start a collection, one that is exclusive every year and is guided by a passport.

This way, Google gamifies the experience of visiting their stands with a simple but rather effective initiative, which can also be an excellent source of inspiration when aiming to draw visitors to your stand.

#5 Be playful with interactivity

We are now at the Mobile World Congress 2023: the more you stand breathes technology, the more you will be in harmony with your target public. To that end, it is always a good idea to offer interactive games when attracting and keeping customers in your trade stand. Use touch screens to show information so customers can browse; you could also offer questionaries or short games for them to participate and compete among themselves making your brand the common factor.

Regardless of the use you may give them, screens and the integration of new technologies such as virtual reality, vision, and artificial intelligence, to name a few, are always a good element to draw public, especially if they are interactive.

These are only 5 tips to attract customers to your corporate stand, which will undoubtedly increase by the hand of an experienced stand design and construction company. Do not hesitate to put them into motion and we guarantee that with our help, your presence at the Mobile World Congress 2023 will be a total success. Will you let us help you achieve your goals?

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