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Exhibition stands for
FITUR – Contemporanea Eventi

Construction and design of exhibition stands for FITUR by profesional stand builders in the the most important travel & tourism trade fair in the world

Contemporanea Eventi and FITUR

What do you need to set up your designer stand at FITUR? Contemporanea Eventi has been present in the latest editions of this prestigious international tourism trade fair, with impressive design stands that occupy the best of our portfolio.

Our more-than-15-year-old experience allows us to know perfectly, not only everything involving the design, construction, and assembly of stands for FITUR, but also everything you need for your presence at an international fair. We, Contemporanea Eventi, go hand in hand with you in your journey in the largest tourism industry trade fair.

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Fill out the form below and we will let you know how to participate in FITUR, having a Deep impact in one of the most powerful industries around the world with an amazing designer exhibition stand.

Contemporanea Eventi design exhibition stands for FITUR

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