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7 reasons to exhibit my stand at MWC 2023

If you are interested in reaching a target audience and maximizing the return on investment with your marketing campaigns, you already know the benefits and the importance of having an exhibition stand at a trade fair in your offline strategy. Therefore, if you are in the telecommunications and new technologies sector in general, or particularly in the mobile telephony, you will surely have in mind or might have thought about the possibility of attending the next edition of the Mobile World Congress, the world’s largest trade fair for mobile communication to be held in Barcelona from Monday February 27th to Thursday March 2nd, 2023.

From Contemporanea Eventi, we tell you now that this is an excellent decision and a golden opportunity to make the scope of your company known, something that you certainly cannot miss. But just in case neither our word nor the substance of 15 years working on stand design and production projects are enough, here are the 7 reasons why you should have a stand at MWC 2023. Here we go!

Why build an exhibition stand for MWC 2023

#1 MWC is the largest trade fair in the industry

To talk about a mobile sector trade fair is directly synonymous with the Mobile World Congress. This fair, which has been held in Barcelona since 2006, has acquired such gigantic dimensions over the years that it has overshadowed any other sectorial congress, not only at the mobile telephony level, but at the trade fairs in general. The MWC is undeniably the fair of all fairs, a major event with which is almost impossible to compete with today in terms of influence, attendance, and the ability to mobilize the whole sector.

For this reason, attending the MWC with an exhibition stand is undoubtedly the most powerful offline campaign you could possibly implement, one that is easily capitalized, given its size and the exposure it offers as far as media and customers are concern. Show your mettle with a stand at MWC 2023!

#2 Guaranteed publicity

In connection to the first reason and precisely because it is such an important event, this event is publicized around the clock: not only as to marketing through its own media campaigns, posters all over the city, etc., but also in terms of entire pages and sections dedicated to the MWC, which are part of the most relevant news of the day. There is no news program or current affairs page that does not open every year at the end of February with information arising from the Mobile World Congress held in Barcelona: from those who will attend, to its inauguration and closing, including as well the most relevant presentations. There is a detailed follow-up.

Without a doubt, there is no person with the slightest interest in what is going on around them who doesn’t really know how or when the Mobile World Congress is taking place. So having your design exhibition stand on display there means that it can be projected on screens all over the world without even meaning to. This is the greatest product placement on the market!

#3 Well-defined target audience

Access to the MWC is highly restricted at the sectoral level and since an average ticket is around €600-700, it is also restricted cost-wise. Therefore, each attendee is guaranteed an audience not only from high places, but also really interested in everything that is exhibited and presented at the Mobile World Congress.

Thus, with a well-defined strategy and attention-grabbing elements, it will be easy to ensure at the very least a good portfolio of customers to develop once the fair is over, but also partnerships, competitor analysis… Everything concerning your sector will be happening in front of you for 4 days.

#4 Brand power

So much for both overall costs and international projection, those who are at the MWC 2023 have a well-deserved place. These are companies that execute their marketing plans thoroughly and come to squeeze every penny of their investment by presenting themselves flawlessly before a demanding audience that requires the closest possible attention.

Only major brands (not with high turnover, but those able to compete through quality) appear before this massive fair. Is your company one of them? Have no doubt that with our experience and help, it can be. Here are several examples of Contemporanea Eventi exhibition stand designs in Barcelona.

#5 Powerful outreach

It’s time now to talk numbers: an average reaching 100,000 visitors, more than 2,000 exhibitors spread over the fairgrounds of a city, Barcelona, which is committed and mobilized during the 4 days of the trade fair, so that the needs of all attendees for infrastructure and comfort are met.

One industry, the mobile, whose total annual turnover already accounts for 2% of the world’s GDP. With 100% penetration (7,100 active mobiles in the world for a population of 7,100 inhabitants), its market presence is greater than any other product.

“4 days, 100,000 visitors, 2,000 exhibition stands: the MWC numbers are record-breaking.”

With all this data on the table, how can we not consider the presence at the Mobile World Congress 2023 to be the most powerful marketing tool in the telecommunications sector?

#6 Easy amortization of results

It is part of any good offline marketing strategy connected to the organization of the participation in a trade fair, to amortize the results not only before and during the time the fair is held, but also afterwards.

Having been part of the machinery of the most important trade fair of the sector worldwide is already in itself a marketing ploy worth millions. But let’s not stop there: let’s work hard so that each contact, each potential client remembers us months after the fair, seeing how easily the income exceeds the investment.

#7 The best showcase for doing business

A trade fair is not only about building a client portfolio: contacts, potential alliances, business opportunities, expansion and the setting of new goals or possibilities are just as important as “cashing in”.

We can monetize our presence and obtain generous benefits, but in the long run, it will be the way in which we have been able to interact with the sector what will yield the most profit for us.

Convinced yet of why you should not miss the Mobile World Congress 2023? The next step is to organize your participation in time and have the best tools to make a strong impression on your imposing audience. Have you decided what your stand for MWC 2003 will look like yet? We have, and we will be happy to help you with it.

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