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7 steps to organize a trade fair ahead of time

Have you settled upon taking part in a business trade fair? That’s a great choice! Trade fairs are not only an excellent way of promoting your business, but also to gather valuable data for your company such as the profile of target public, how the competition is performing, etc. These are factors that allow a return of your investment that goes beyond what’s purely economic.

But we don’t want to deceive you: a business fair is an event in which too much energy, financing and dreams are invested to leave any involved issue to chance. That’s why, from the moment we decide to be part of a trade fair, we must plan and organize it so that there are no errors, making sure that it is an organizational success. We at Contemporanea Eventi offer all our assistance and more than 15 years of experience for you to feel fully supported and be able to make the most of your trade fair attendance.

Optimal timeframe to organize a trade fair

If you do not have a specific trade fair or congress in mind, the first step to be taken should be not only to get the fair calendar and see which one suits your sector best, but also the type of public and benefits to be reaped. Perhaps, by taking this step, you’ll find out that this coming trimester, there’s a trade fair that fits your interest… Are you still in time to be part of it?

Although proper organization is still feasible up to two months ahead of time, the optimal timeframe is from 6 months to a year before the fair opens to the public. If I am in the publishing world, does this mean that I wouldn’t have enough time to take part in the LIBER or International Book Fair to be held in Fira Barcelona from October 5th to 7th 2022? It means that you should devote more efforts to secure the optimal participation and that you receive the expected benefits from it.

Likewise, the shorter the time you have to spare to plan your participation, the greater the work externalization and the dependency on competent companies will have to be to secure a comprehensive service such as the design, building and assembly of your stand. If you are clear about your participation, the time factor has an impact but does not stop you.

“The key to a good planning in time is to leave no room for improvisation”

Nevertheless, if you need flexibility and a greater control over each aspect involving the participation in a trade fair, a 6-to-12-month timeframe will allow the possibility to see firsthand the inside of an undergoing trade fair, be able to rely on a stand design company capable of understanding, capturing, and delivering all we want to convey as a brand, while taking into account all the needs our ideal visitors might have in order to meet them all, so that they can be delighted by our exhibition stand, among other tasks.

This way, for instance, if you are in the mobile telecommunications business, this is the right time to venture your participation in the MWC 2023: the largest trade fair in the world.

Steps to take when organizing a trade fair

Do you already have in mind the trade fair where to show your market strength and make your potential customers fall in love with your product? With the right support, just by taking this simple first step, you have already come a long way. All there is for you to do now is to take 7 more steps for a successful fair strategy:

  • Define the objectives: what do I want to achieve? Why should I be at that specific trade fair? What results will I measure at closing to decide if it’s been a success or if on the other hand, I should improve my strategy?
  • Make a Budget: a trade fair is neither an advertisement poster you invest a certain fixed amount, nor a bottomless pit to invest in giving little thought… it requires resources, but above all, knowing how to make the most of it so they can be more than just cost-effective.
  • Hire a company specialized in building designer stands: your new stand is your new office, the face to be seen at the fair, and without a doubt, the most relevant element. Therefore, do not hesitate to put yourself in expert hands, hands that will help you and guide you through the process beyond the design, check diverse stands used in other fairs, etc.
  • Define your target and the actions to be implemented: in order for all fair possibilities to be achieved, you should not wait for customers to come to find you. Lure them in by implementing specific actions such as promotional events, activities, eye-catching elements, etc.
  • Develop a marketing plan for the trade fair: we insist, being part of a trade fair is a golden opportunity to get quality contacts, since it is a marketing event attended by an audience that relates to what you sell. Do not look at it as just another advertisement action.
  • Prepare the material to be exhibited at the fair: a luxury stand is the best of all exhibition stands, but just like with any high-standing home, if not furnished with nice accessories, it loses its potential. Do not skip the possibilities given by good interior design.
  • Foresee the logistical details: from how to act in case of technical issues with a screen to making sure that there is never shortage of water and appetizers for possible top-level meetings. No situation must be left to chance.

Example of trade fair planning

As we pointed out at the beginning, this is a good time to plan your participation in a fair with great media exposure such as the Mobile World Congress.

Still six months away from the fair dates (February 27th to March 2nd 2023), it is the perfect timeframe to have enough time to plan all necessary actions: target audience (around 100,000 potential visitors), means to be provided to make my product known, hire a company specialized in stand design and construction (must stand out among the estimated 2,000 modules you will be competing against in visibility and impressiveness), how I will be promoting my participation and capitalize on it, etc.

Even though we insist on the 6-12-month framework for optimal anticipation, if you have not made a decision regarding your participation in a trade fair yet, you still have time to join the eShow Madrid, to be held on October 26th and 27th at IFEMA; Valencia Motor Show (December 2nd to 6th); Tourist Innovation Summit in FIBES Sevilla (November 2nd to 4th) o any other industry fair that appeals to you but you give enough notice.

However, if time is running out and deadlines are shortened, the key is to put yourself in the hands of experienced professionals who always know what is best for you participation in the fair. Still, do not let time stop the possibility to increase your brand power: ask and in the event of an impossible immediate participation, you can always organize the next edition within a privileged timeframe so everything can be under control.

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