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Exhibit your stand at the SIL Barcelona 2023: the world’s largest logistics event

Once again, Barcelona makes the case for its unquestionable reputation for being a top-notch place to hold the most paramount fairs and congresses. Hence, it is now a good time to check the Fair Calendar 2023 and mark in red the new International Logistics and Maintenance Exhibition (SIL Barcelona 2023).

Fira Montjuïc will be, once more, the ideal setting for hosting the greatest event in global logistics from June 7th to June 9th, 2023, which will serve as an exhibitor for the activity of international logistics, as well as other fairs and congresses that are held as side events at the SIL 2023 to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the event.    

Those participating in the SIL Barcelona 2023 with a stand

As advised on our blog, you should not rule out your participation from the outset just because your focus is different from the sectoral fair. There is enough space for related sectors at well-attended fairs, even for those companies orbiting the main focus to join, exhibit and bring in a shared public.

This way, the main topic at the SIL is logistics and maintenance, but within its reach, there is room for other companies like the following:  

  • Transportation, logistics and distribution.
  • Intralogistics
  • Technology and IT
  • Industry 4.0
  • Infrastructures
  • Last mile and eCommerce delivery
  • Immologistics
  • Energy and sustainability
  • Talent

Thus, for instance, SIL 2023 welcomes companies in the real estate sector since they may offer solutions to the increasing demand for intercity mobility. Therefore, a real estate company could include the idea of participating in the SIL in its fair marketing strategy if it were regarded as being within its business objectives while attending the Barcelona Meeting Point or the SIMA 2023 Madrid.

This applies to any other pursuit that implies an improvement of any aspect addressed by the fair, as listed above, and that does not begin or end with just logistics. In fact, the issue of sustainability is increasingly gaining importance… How about presenting your solutions with a 100% sustainable stand?

Why be part of the SIL Barcelona 2023 with a stand

The fact that Barcelona is a powerful international showcase makes it a highly desirable place to hold any exhibition, but it is not the only reason.   

In regard to SIL 2023, we find further convincing motives such as:

  • Be the most powerful fair in the sector: if we want to be the best, we should surround ourselves with the best and welcome in our stand the largest number possible of professionals and select customers in the sector. In the case of global logistics, everything is possible at the SIL 2023.
  • Be a wide and approachable sector: many specialized fairs are only meant to reach a certain type of customer or exhibitor. Regarding the International Logistics and Maintenance Exhibition, as we have already seen, it covers a wide range of professionals that will allow you to have a first-class window display before a heterogenous public.
  • Be an active and inclusive fair: SIL is not the fair for you to just participate in. SIL is the fair to be part of with strategical thinking, so we can soak up the latest innovations in the sector, be among the best professionals, open new market channels and make first-class professional connections that will help you take on any international market.  
  • Be a sector prone to exhibition: in other types of fairs, the exhibition strategy may vary and be directed to sales, promotion or the achievement of specific objectives in the expansion of the company. In the case of the Logistics International Fair or SIL, being a sector of global commerce and goods, surrounding ourselves by keen professionals and getting to know the winning global strategies firsthand are in themselves incentives to grow in such a competitive and interesting environment.

We just need to check the numbers from their 2022 edition, which besides 263 accredited journalists, it gathered more than 12,512 visitors from 81 different countries, 29 from Europe, 18 from Africa, 17 from America, 16 from Asia and 1 from Oceania.

Fairs and congresses within the SIL 2023

As a must in the calendar of companies in the world of global logistics, the SIL 2023 holds within several parallel fairs and congresses meant to be the forum and launching pad for the international logistics community. Among these events and activities, we highlight the following: 

  • SIL Knowledge: this is a space for the exchange of ideas surrounding the issues of innovation, sustainability, E-delivery (last mile) and talent.
  • ALACAT 39th Congress: the largest logistics congress in Latin America.
  • 18th Edition of the CSCMP European Conference & European Research Seminar.
  • 19th Edition of the Logistics and Transportation Mediterranean Forum.

To sum up, SIL and Fira Barcelona offer the best stage from where to project your company onto the world of international logistics, find a wide range of professionals and the main developments in the sector. Do not miss out on the opportunity to be part of the global logistics elite with your Contemporanea Eventi design stand