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Contemporanea Eventi


When attending your next fair, have you given any thought to the possibility of doing it with a designer sustainable stand that is effective in reaching customers while looking after the environment? The sustainability policies and the implementation of the SDGs within the 2030 framework is not exclusive to governments. Therefore, all industries and activities must do as much as possible to protect the environment and stand designing is no different.

Companies like Contemporanea Eventi are as aware of the environment as the organizers and promote the use of sustainable stands: a stand whose quality is guaranteed, but so is the protection of the environment with the use of certain materials and the way in which has been produced.


We, Contemporanea Eventi, have a wide stand gallery and we practice what’s called ephemeral eco-architecture: constructions with a sustainable approach in the design that maximizes resources and space, using high-quality materials that will be recycled as much as possible.

Therefore, the simple but professional fact when calculating the perfect position for the different pockets of light that will be needed for the best lighting is in itself an important pillar in sustainable fair stands, since the energy consumption is reduced quite remarkably, and we make the most of the location of the stand.

To all this, we can add other actions like the use of organic materials, limit the use of varnish and finishings that prevent proper recycling, etc. These are all possibilities that can be addressed at a prior briefing in order to get a 100% sustainable stand while maintaining its efficiency in regard to your goals.


Beyond the important design of your sustainable stand, there is a crucial factor when talking about eco-friendly stands created by Contemporanea Eventi: the collaboration with local suppliers and teams.

We, Contemporanea Eventi, are determined to make groundbreaking stands with no geographic barriers. We have teams throughout Europe, which is a pivotal factor when speaking about sustainable stands.

One of the most polluting elements when setting up a stand or organizing a fair is the logistics: materials, equipment, technology that comes from different places and the carbon footprint that leaves behind. Working with local teams, close to the place you need to build your stand at, not only helps you obtain consulting and a job better suited to the setting where you stand will be in display, but the consequent carbon footprint derived from transportation will dramatically be reduced.


We cannot repeat this often enough. A stand is much more than a display of products and services: it is the image and philosophy of a brand, what it means and where it is going. Therefore, in a planet increasingly conscious about climate change, the fact that your customers perceive you as a sustainable company is a bonus we must consider.

How can we communicate the high degree of sustainability? A greater level of sustainability will be delivered if natural materials such as wood are primarily used in the construction. In case these are artificial, aluminum is always better than plastic.

This last point can also be transferred to those elements used to bring your stand to life: from the tableware used for the catering to the merchandise, they must reflect our firm conviction to reduce the carbon footprint. For this purpose, materials like bamboo are ideal for easy recycling, but also cornstarch or sugarcane.

On the other hand, as stressed when talking about lighting, the stand must be comfortable, but also keep in mind aspects that will limit pollution during the fair, such as an efficient HVAC (Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning) or the use of energy efficient LED bulbs.

A sustainable stand, with Contemporanea Eventi, is 100% compatible with a striking designer stand and consistent with your needs for a fair or an event. Taking care of our planet is everyone’s business.

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