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Contemporanea Eventi


If you have considered this matter, then you probably know that in a matter of 3 months, the largest mobile phone and telecommunications fair in the world, also at enterprise level, will be held in Barcelona: the Mobile World Congress.

This way, from Monday February 27th to Thursday March 2nd, around 100,000 professionals from the sector will gather in the city of Barcelona. This is a niche of potential customers and partners, but also an international launch pad that should not be overlooked by all those with connections, even the slightest one, with the world of telecommunications.

With such great credentials on the table, it is not hard to believe that you might have already asked yourself whether participating in this macro event is a good idea, but are we still in time to exhibit at the MWC 2023?


The optimal time for the preparation of a fair goes from one year to six months before the opening. Does this mean that there is no chance to participate when we are three months away from the inauguration? We are referring to the optimal time and therefore, there still is, but since time is of the essence, what we could have accomplished in 2 days, must be done now in only 1.

Moreover, in spite of having half the time for the preparation of an impeccable presentation as far as time is concerned and since haste makes wastewe can’t forget to tackle all the necessary tasks.

What are my deadlines?

The capacity to choose is critical when we are short on time, and even though decision-making must be sharp, it is important to count on an extra pair of hands and a team you can trust and delegate to, many of the responsibilities involved in being part of an event of such magnitude.

This way, it is imperative that we have all the bases established during the month of December. She should come to the end of the month with the foundations of what is to come for our presentation in fairs and congresses, so that during the month of January, our project may be shaped further and use February as the time to polish, rehearse and purify our participation in the best trade fair worldwide.

Where should I start?

The first step is to book our space at the fair and hire the design and construction of our stand. Both needs can be resolved right now on the Mobile World Congress official website. Once we have our space for the event, the next big step is to hire a design and stand construction company with experience in the sector, and if possible, let this experience be in the MWC, so we can verify previous work done for other companies.

This matter is key and vital; when you are short on time, it is crucial to rely on experienced people who can manage and know the area and the event. Having key contacts is also of utmost importance to guarantee an excellent job in just three months while delivering a smooth process and making work against the clock possible.

Once the design and stand building company has been contacted, we can sit back regarding all that involves the set-up of the exhibition space that will allow us to shine before our audience and stand out among more than 2,000 exhibitors. Left for us to work out will be the logistics and everything concerning our team:

  • Book flights and hotels: as well as all you’ll need to comfortably spend these days of passionate networking and customer-base building in Barcelona.
  • Define the trade-fair objectives: customers won’t come to you just by you being there. Try to be sure how to attract them and define concrete action plans.
  • Prepare the exhibition material and the team that will join you: a luxury stand is the best of all stages, but you need the props and the actors to top it off.
  • Anticipate the logistics details: Contemporanea Eventi offers absolute guarantee and the necessary assistance so that nothing goes wrong with your stand. However, as to what to do in case of a product presentation not going as expected or how to keep drinks and snacks always ready for high-level meetings, you will need a proper plan to address these issues.


We, Contemporanea Eventi, are confident that we can offer you the best stand for the MWC 2023. Not only we are confident because for more than 5 editions companies like Alcatel have put their trust in us, but also because we rely on the professionalism and advice of a multidisciplinary team that never hesitate to do their bit in an exciting project for both the customer and us. See Alcatel’s event here.

Do you still have doubts? We have gathered a few reasons why you should be convinced by the projection delivered by your participation in the MWC 2023:

If it still doesn’t feel right, contact us without obligation, and once you have decided to embark on this motivating joint project, you will be able to see your 3D stand and fall in love with the idea of finding yourself before a potential audience of 100,000 customers. Shall we get started?

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