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If we are in the mobile technology and telecommunications business, we have every reason to have a stand at the MWC. One of them is to be part of the largest trade fair in the industry worldwide, which gathers more than 100,000 visitors year after year, but as important is to use this presence as part of a trade fair marketing strategy that can take our company to the top of our sector.

If we wish to reach the cusp of business, we must do business in high spheres and the MWC is undoubtedly up there. So, how can it benefit our fair marketing strategy?


Mass projection

The Mobile World Congress is the Champions League in trade fairs, so our company is placed among the best in its category just by being part of this international congress.

However, we do not go to the MWC to compete; we participate to exhibit and show the world the best of our company. This exhibition yields not only quantitative benefits, but also qualitative.

  • Image of a strong, consolidated brand
  • Capacity and skills to stand out in the sector
  • Concern for offering the best services

These mentioned qualitative benefits can be easily converted into quantitative if we manage to amortize the exposure to more than 100,000 visitors by turning visitors into customers and monetizing them with a recapture strategy.

Solid gold publicity

We only have to imagine (or check) the investment that would be necessary to launch an either online or offline publicity campaign capable of reaching 100,000 potential customers, one that would be perfectly screeneddelimited and defined, to realize the great profitability that could be yielded by an impeccable participation in the next MWC.

Contrary to what usually happens with other media, as on TV or other offline methods, this can impact any profile. Participating in a fair or a theme congress such as the MWC enables us to have access to a public that is ready to see what we can offer, and project our company onto them; not even the filters and segmentations of online publicity turn out to be as precise and efficient when offering our potential customers our services.

On the other hand, since this is a worldwide massive event, mobile-technology themed, that involves nearly all imaginable sectors, it is promoted and broadcasted all over the media without requiring investment on our behalf.

Therefore, as important as being there is shining and being our best selves while flawlessly appearing in the media: with a prominent design stand and a quickly identifiable brand.

The foundation for a solid promotional strategy of services and products

The MWC can be used as the base of a 360° marketing strategy and utilize our participation as support for other media: social media, web presence, etc.

“The use of one strategy does not exclude the others, but rather the opposite: all possibilities for promotion must be embedded in one single campaign”

In addition, as an offline strategy, it can be complementary to other direct online marketing publicity actions since the meaning of using one strategy or another is not to exclude the outreach potential, but rather to integrate and bring them into harmony.

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When we implement a strategy with advertising purposes, we intend the greatest reach in proportion to the cost and the maximum utilization beyond its monetization. That’s why it is important to know beforehand the power and nature of each one of the strategies we wish to implement.

  • Offline marketing: we only have to consider the percentage of the population that owns a smartphone today to be able to recognize that the digital realm has taken over almost everything; it is now more efficient than the analogue one as far as outreach is concerned. Nevertheless, this fact does not lessen the effectiveness of offline marketing actions and when deciding upon them, we must make sure to get more than only a large number of customers; we also want to reach that specific public we are interested in impacting with our product. In this sense, greater impact is achieved by participating in a trade fair.
  • Online marketing: according to Digital 2021: Global Overview Report, a study conducted by We Are Social and Hootsuite, we nowadays spend a shocking amount of time online every day: 6 hours and 54 minutes. This amounts to a very high exposition to any online publicity campaign but it can also be translated into heavy screening and concretion work of the reach, in order to be able to show the campaign to our potential customers, as well as the use of expert professional profiles when managing it, if we want to prevent excessive expending.

In essence, the greatest benefit delivered by the participation in the Mobile World Congress is not just its powerful capacity for attraction, but to use the most powerful offline marketing strategy and yield the greatest impact in terms of segmentation when compared to online marketing. Without a doubt, these are two factors that can’t be ignored. What’s the key to be successful when implementing a trade fair marketing strategy? The answer is to go hand in hand with expert professionals that can help you make it work.

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