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4 reasons for having a congress and trade fair stand

The power of attraction of a designer stand for congresses and trade fairs is undeniable: your ideal customers, those willing to purchase your services and the reason for attending the fair, are within reach, so the more spectacular, striking and elegant your stand is, the more likely they will be to visit it and remember it.

Today, from Contemporanea Eventi’s blog, we’d like to emphasize the power of attraction of a well-planned and built stand within the fair marketing strategy framework, outlining four powerful reasons why a congresses and trade fair stand is our best showcase to stand before our potential clientele.

4 reasons to hire a stand for congresses and trade fairs

Be there, be someone

The word is today, that a business without internet presence and out of reach of Google Almighty does not exist for the public, one that is increasingly resorting to the Web when shopping, networking, and buying other services. However, internet users are so diverse that impacting those we want to impress requires much effort and investment.

In the offline marketing world, that omnipotent window that makes us visible is to be found at different trade fairs and congresses, which the more specific and sectorial they are, the better.

These trade fairs are attended not only by those thriving companies with ambition to gain a foothold in the sector or reinforce their current position within, but also buyers, investors, or partners, who come with the sole intention of finding a solution for their needs. Therefore, failing to take advantage of having an attractive designer stand in such fairs can be result in missing the opportunity to reach this select audience.

A place to try, make contacts and build bridges

A stand is not only a showcase for those who want to hire, buy, or do business. We can capitalize our display if we adapt it so that our potential customer may try our products, get detailed information on our company and be able to decide whether we are the right platform to form a partnership with or be part of an expansion strategy.  

Thus, we should count on the experience of stand builders that can align our space at the fair with our paramount strategy while welcoming all those that could potentially help our presence at the venue, like elements to enhance visibility and allure entrance visitors, as well as spaces to held private meetings and close deals. 

The perfect opportunity to be remembered

A trade fair marketing strategy does not start or end on the days the congress is held; how we are able to capitalize on the benefits of our presence and how we manage contacts or sales made there will be the determining factors for either an important or insubstantial amortization. 

Within this amortization, regardless of being able or not to close deals or make sells at the fair, we must aim to be remembered as a reference or as a favorable option to the visitor’s interests after the fair.

For this reason, our stand shouldn’t be just a simple exhibitor where to get pamphlets or ask hostesses questions, but a groundbreaking space where the best audiovisual advertisements are followed by interactive elements or original hooks that can make us stand out from the rest. 

A test in real time

What happens during the fair, how we directly interact with our target public, can be critical not only for closing sales, but to run tests and do market research, from which we can get valuable information on our customers’ habits.

From the aspects they like or dislike the most of our products, to possible improvements or services that they would like us to provide in order to become their suppliers are some of the resources we can secure live from our participation in the fair.

In conclusion, it is about maximizing a strategy that aims beyond a single purpose, and which can become the key element to complete and substantially improve the relationship we have with our customer, as well as our market position. Do you still believe that trade fair marketing is not worth it?