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As we, Contemporanea Eventi, share in our blog, we believe in the vital importance of planning your trade fair marketing strategy and for such end, besides a spectacular design stand you may use to present yourself before your public, we are certain that 50% of the remaining success lies on the actions we put forward in order to bring our presence to life at any given trade fair.

How to identify the right fair is what we would like to talk about in this article as the new year approaches, making this time the best moment to take a good look at the calendar and choose the fair that best suits our promotional strategy, business growth or brand promotion. Trade fairs that, even beginning and ending in 2023, can serve as a guide for future arrangements in 2024, 2025 and beyond, since the most prestigious specialists in the sector are a sure attendance year after year.

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ISE (Barcelona)

Taking as reference the ideal deadlines when preparing for a fair, we begin at the end of January with the fair par excellence in the European market for integrated systems, digital technologies, electronic trade, and the electronics sector in general. This fair welcomes professionals and visitors from a sector that is able to mobilize more than 45,000 visitors from over 150 countries.

Dates: from January 31st to February 3rd

Venue: Fira Barcelona

Best time to start your strategy: Even though this fair is only three months away, with its consequent tight schedule, an experienced company in design and stand building could safely guide you every step of the way, allowing you to implement it right away.

You’re interested if: you are in the electronics business, with special attention to software development and business solutions. Nevertheless, and this being a piece of advice relevant to participation in any important fair, no matter the degree of relationship between you and the sector, it is worth your presence even if your business is not specifically electronics but is related to the sector. A visitor does not expect to see the same product or the same solution in every single stand, so standing out in this sense is always a good idea.

MWC 2023 (Barcelona)

Here, we are looking at what is considered to be the largest event worldwide, the Barcelona Mobile World Congress, a valuable showroom not only to attract visitors, but also to project any business to the whole world.

Dates: from February 27th to March 2nd

Venue: Fira Barcelona

Best time to start your strategy: Same case scenario as the ISE. Just three months away, time is of the essence, but it is still enough if we have all that is necessary and a partner who knows how to approach this presentation, one who knows exactly what to do and how to navigate in Fira de Barcelona. A key factor here is for the design and stand building company to have an extensive experience in the different editions of the Mobile World Congress since this will simplify the actions, including how to make the most of the space available.

You’re interested if: you want to reach a massive audience, if you are in the telecommunications business… or not, since thanks to the mobile phone’s market penetration chances are that your company is linked to it in one way or another. In any case, there is room for every sector at the MWC. Moreover, participation in the MWC brings tremendous projection, which will have high yields even months after the fair. Your participation in 2023 could also be a ‘first-hand rehearsal’ for the 2024 edition of the Mobile World Congress and be there too.

Barcelona Building Construmat (Barcelona)

The fair we still have time to get ready for is Construmat, the third most important construction trade fair in Europe that is held every two years. Since the 2021 edition was not possible due to the COVID pandemic, this year’s edition in Barcelona is expected to be very well-attended, which makes it the best opportunity to gain visibility in the sector.

Dates: from May 23rd to May 25th

Venue: Fira de Barcelona

Best time to start your strategy: This event is 7 months away, so you have a rather comfortable time frame to begin planning Construmat 2023. But still, you will have peace of mind and benefit from it if you count on a stand designer that is also a builder, one that can guide you through the process of participating in a trade fair.

You’re interested if: you are in the construction business, real estate, or sustainable materials, being the later increasingly popular in this type of fairs. Besides an innovation and materials fair, Construmat is a great forum to find national and international opportunities in the sector.

SIL 2023 (Barcelona)

The SIL or International Logistics Fair is the world’s meeting point par excellence for all actors and specialists in the production line that work in international trade.

Dates: from June 5th to June 8th

Venue: Fira de Barcelona

Best time to start your strategyDeadlines are very similar to Construmat’s, so you can start planning with total comfort provided that you go hand in hand with experts.

You’re interested if: you work in a sector related to the production line that allows the set-up of any international trade line: from companies and logistics agencies to cargo operators, carriers, and raw-materials traders that actively seek an internationalization strategyetc. Worldwide, all eyes are on this logistics fair, so any small relationship or interest goes a long way as far as projection is concerned.

SIMA (Madrid)

Since along with tourism real estate is the sector that generates greater revenue, the event of any real estate fair has an important national repercussion. In the case of SIMA, we face the greatest opportunity in this sector that reaches the succulent international market.

Dates: from May 25th to May 28th

Venue: IFEMA, Madrid

Best time to start your strategy: SIMA takes place twice a year, which is perfect for you to close your participation right now and start planning it.

You’re interested if: you are in the real estate business, but also if you are among those linked to the purchase and sale of properties such as construction companies, financial organizations, interior decorating companies, etc.

CPhI (Barcelona)

If you are in the pharmaceutical business or close to this sector, there is an event you can’t miss at Fira Barcelona in October 2023. This is the CPhIthe international pharmaceutical fair, an exhibition that attracts the most important companies and laboratories, which spread over more than 2,500 available stands for a well-targeted audience of more than 30,000 visitors.

Dates: from October 24th to October 26th

Venue: Fira Barcelona

Best time to start your strategy: A fair of such magnitude requires time and attention to detail, so even though this fair is in one year time, this is the best time to start planning.

You’re interested if: you are in the healthcare sector. Given its wide scope, the projection of your product or service will definitely find a spot in it.

Productronica 2023 (MUnich)

The electronics world has its best European reference as a powerful market in Germany, so if we are interested in competing in the best leagues, it would be more than just interesting to make muscle in this fair with worldwide impact.

Dates: from November 14th to November 17th

Venue: Messe München

Best time to start your strategy: Just one year ahead, this is the right moment to contact a design and stand building company with the best partners in the European territory, so nothing can stop your will to exhibit your company before the right clientele using the most sophisticated means and the most attractive advertising.

You’re interested if: you are in the electronics sector, as a maker or/and a component distributor, or support software. Productonica Europe has its counterparts in China and India, which makes this the perfect foundation for launching a future internationalization project.


In this article, we have summarized the main worldwide events as a guide for you, those you could be present at by starting to plan right now. But whether you would like to take your time to break into the world of trade fair marketing or if you just can’t make it to the different fairs taking place in the first quarter of the year 2023, you can start planning your participation in important fairs such as FITUR, or if you need more time, the next edition of MWC.

In any case, the key is to be able to contact stand design companies that will not only build a stand for a trade fair, but also guide youadvise you and be always with you during the different stages of the preparation and presentation of this fascinating and desirable adventure towards success.

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