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Are you interested in boosting the reach of your product or service? Participating in a trade fair is undoubtedly one of the most effective ways to contact potential new customers, open new markets, raise brand awareness, network and be up to date with the latest developments in our industry. But, what steps should we take to set up a stand at a trade fair?


#1 Trade fair selection

The first step to be taken will be to choose the right trade fair. To do this, we must be clear about the objectives we are pursuing when setting up a stand at a trade fair. Do we want to sell our product or service? Are we trying to open new markets and so we would like to make ourselves known? Is our main objective to bring in new contacts and network?

Depending on the answer we give to these questions, we will be able to discern which trade fair suits us best. For that, we will consider details such as attendees’ numbers from previous editions, the level of specialization in the relevant sector, the type of infrastructure in which it will be held, as well as the media coverage.

Once we are certain about the fair that best meets our goals and needs, we must register by filling out the registration form made available by the organizers. Here, it is important to pay close attention to the fair regulations in order to guarantee that we are complying with all the requirements.

#2 Stand assembly at a trade fair

The second step to be taken is one of the most important since it will determine the image and position of our brand at the fair. First, we must pick a privileged place at the venue, a location with important movement of public and if possible, a spot with three free sides or island shape, which will definitely increase our accessibility.

There are certain tips to follow when designing a stand for a trade fair. It is always advisable to rely on a professional for the design, production, and assembly of stands at a trade fair, since it is truly important to guarantee that the image projected by our brand is the most consistent with our values and business goals. It is a fact then that only those who have many years of experience in the sector behind them are capable of transmitting such expertise through the display stand.

Moreover, the more institutionalized the stand designer and constructor is setting up fairs, the greater assistance we can receive in relation to our stand: Is it possible to gain accessibility in spite of not having a good location? How can I make a certain product more visible? Will I need a comfortable space to meet customers away from all the clamor?

These are the type of questions that tend to come to mind at a previous briefing, but they will answer themselves if you have with you the experience of stand designing experts, as they will make sure that your stand is expressive and impactful, hard to forget even long after the fair. Furthermore, it can be equipped with functional space for our objectives: if we are interested in selling products or services, we must display them in an attractive way; however, we should procure comfortable, private spaces for relevant and close conversations, if doing business is our main goal.

#3 Customer service at the stand

Once registration has been accomplished and the assembly of the stand at the trade fair has been selected, the moment of truth comes: the development of the fair. To this end, we must be sure that products and customer service staff are ready for the given dates.

It is important to keep a close watch over the stand to guarantee proper functioning at all times; this way, more pamphlets and samples can be dispensed if necessary. Likewise, we will pay especial attention during those moments with higher affluence of public in order to assure the necessary staff at peak hours, so that all potential customers may be taken care of properly.

A fair is an excellent opportunity to discover your ‘buyer persona’: the type of ideal customer you are most interested in for the purpose of selling your services.

Keeping a visitors’ log is also pivotal since we are trying to get relevant information from them. Which product has caught the attention of most visitors? What do they do for a living? What contact details do we have now? Keep in mind that this visitors’ log may be one of the most useful resources arising from the fair and it will allow you to follow up on potential customer once the fair has come to an end.

In short, to have a stand at a trade fair is a great opportunity to expand your business, so the commitment to what the design and construction implies must be imperative and thorough. Once accomplished, all is left is for you and your customers to enjoy it, and if it can be done with the help of professionals in the industry to smooth the process, don’t think twice and let’s do it!

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