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in-cosmetics 2024 – CONTEMPORANEA EVENTI

CONTEMPORANEA EVENTI AND in-cosmetics – Where personal care ingredients and creators come together

What do you need to set up your designer booth at in-cosmetics?

Join in-cosmetics Global, where all areas of the cosmetics industry connect to inspire, share insights and spark potential collaborations.

Celebrating excellence in the field of ingredient innovation, in-cosmetics Global also offers high-quality education on the latest science and trends. Plus, with targeted networking opportunities for the international personal care ingredients community, you can uncover the tools to engage in new business and evolve your brand.

Whether you are a personal care creator or exhibiting supplier of ingredients, fragrances, lab equipment, testing or regulatory solutions, in-cosmetics Global has something for you.

Request information without obligation for your booth at in-cosmetics.

Fill out the form below and we will let you know how to participate in in-cosmetics, having a Deep impact in one of the most powerful industries around the world with an amazing designer exhibition booth.

Contemporanea Eventi design exhibition booths

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