A stand for the CPhI: Are you ready to reach 30,000 customers?

31 October, 2022 Fairs
Stand para CPHI Barcelona

From the 24th to the 26th of October, the pharmaceutical industry has its most important gathering in the always welcoming city of Barcelona and its modern Fira Barcelona, where more than 2,500 stands will be in display for the CPhI and visitors from 140 countries estimated at 30,000 people.

3 days to give scope to one of the most powerful industries in the world market, with an annual turnover of approximately $335,000 million and in the spotlight due to the recent health crisis.

Therewith, Barcelona has committed itself to becoming the ultimate world’s exhibitor for large-scale international trade fairs, and it’s ratified as a first-class showcase by holding the most important pharmaceutical trade fair in the world, in the same way it does in regard to the Mobile World Congress.

However, once immersed in the importance of this fair, how can we get the most of such a showcase with a stand at the CPhI?

The importance of having a stand at the CPhI

Let’s review once again the dizzying figures drawn from CPhI: 30,000 visitors from more than 150 countries that will have access to more than 2,500 exhibitors. These numbers are very similar to the Mobile World Congress, where 100,000 visits distributed in 2,000 exhibitors are welcomed over 4 days.

These numbers expose the significance of procuring visibility at an event of such a magnitude, specially within the pharmaceutical industry, a sector accustomed to allocating vast efforts to convince potential customers: in only three days, a company exhibits a product, as well as the procedure and all the hard work and energy to much of the sector.

We are talking about a target used to being frequently showed something, to be not only convinced, but ‘seduced’ by it. Few industries work with the seriousness with which the pharmaceutical industrial sector does it and therefore, each exhibition should be treated in a way that gathers all the necessary conditions to please such an audience.

How to gain visibility with a trade stand at the CPhI

In fairs as important as this one, first impressions are key. Thus, the first thing to consider when acquiring a stand for CPhI is what should not be done, and it’s nothing but to ignore the details, the magnitude of the event and our public.

There is no such thing as low-cost philosophy in pharmaceutical studies. In fact, it is rather offensive to talk about affordable applications within one of the most serious industries, where production is aimed at the improvement of the health and living conditions of society. According to a 2020 study of the main laboratories proceeds worldwide, the industry has a revenue of nearly $990,000 million.

Can a brand, institution or company be carelessly presented with these astonishing figures in mind? A terrible presentation not only brings about a missed opportunity to reach a very attractive potential audience, but delivers a grim brand image, shows little interest for acquisition and hence, offers no service to those in need of fundamental necessities.

However, a stand in line with our brand image and the company philosophy, one capable of conveying the values we wish to share, means not only to attract, but to convince.

What must a CPhI trade stand have to be inviting?

Having stand at the CPhl trade fair is such a privilege that the process of designing, building, and presenting it must be dealt with accordingly. Thus, relying on professionals knowledgeable of architecture and interior design who know which structure is best and how to present it so that visitors feel ‘invited’ to pay a visit, is a first requirement.

An involving space, one that will isolate us from the logical movement generated by such a vast trade fair, without extra charges or excesses that may prevent the customer from walking about free, are some of the characteristics a CPhl stand should have. But above all, it is imperative that when deciding how and in what way to present the sample, the manner be personal and customized.

Finally, we should not leave anything to improvisation. Improvising before an audience of 30,000 potential customers means to risk an investment and a job thoroughly done, one required to be professional beforehand. Therefore, a pattern to be followed from the outset will involve preliminary presentations of 3D projects and the confidence that comes from having with us a company with a wide portfolio, one that offers the guarantee of having worked for the best trade fairs and the most competitive customers in their own sectors.


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