Exhibition stand Hostelco Trade Show

The Hostelco’s fair in Barcelona is a reference event in the hospitality sector, and we are honored to have designed a large number of stands for our customers who participate in.

Hostelco is celebrated in Fira de Barcelona, one of the biggest trade fairs in the city, where the creativity to build an stand has no limits.

Our experience and knowledge in the designing stands on these installations, whether for other editions of Hostelco or other equally renowned fair, works in our favor when we have to conceptualize the new stands for our clients.

The Hotelco’s stands should be dynamic, highly visual, interactive and be different among the competitors. Knowing the possibilities of Fira de Barcelona with our great track designing unique and innovative stands makes us the perfect partner for you.

Stand FITUR 2020

Stands Blue Diamond y Nexus FITUR 2020

Stand Blue Diamond

Stand Blue Diamond FIE 2020

Stand Novell Host Milan 2019

Stand Novell Host Milan 2019

Laboratorios Bago CPHI 2019

Laboratorios Bago CPHI 2019

Stand R-Pharm CPHI 2019 3

Stand R-Pharm CPHI 2019

Stand VALAGRO, Biostimulant World Congress 2019

The Contemporanea Eventi Choice for your stand in hostelco

Contemporanea Eventi is a creative, dynamic and specialized in building design stands for any sector team: we have a large portfolio of exhibition stands such as telephony, gastronomy, health, or as in the case of Hostelco, catering.

The hospitality industry is a faster rapidly changing and competitive sector. Every year there are new proposals for services, products and business models presented in important fairs as Hostelco. Therefore, the presence and image of your Hostelco stand is vital, because it must send a clear and attractive message to the visitors, and finally attract them attention.

But your presence in Hostelco’s fair doesn’t end in the design of your stand. It is also important to plan the perfect performance: catering, music, video effects/lighting… Contemporanea Eventi is your travel partner in the organizations of Hostelco’s actions-Thanks to our contacts around Barcelona that allows us to find the perfect products for your Hostelco’s stand needs.

The main value to work with Contemporanea Eventi for your stand in Hostelco is the guarantee to know that you will have support in all areas, from the concept stand until end.

And remember, the Contemporanea Eventi stands doesn’t have physical limits. Your stand goes where your business need.