Do you need a stand in Dusseldorf? Contemporanea Eventi can design the most innovative and trendy stand to attract the potential clients your company needs.

Nowadays, Dusseldorf is one of the top communications centres in Germany. It hosts some of the most important communication technology companies like Huawei, Ericsson and Nokia. In fact, an amazingly large number of businesses in the world have their headquarters in this city. Trading is a tradition in Dusseldorf.

Whatever your company does or sells, there is a place for you to have your stand in Dusseldorf. You can place it in any of the 44 trade shows it hosts and get the chance to be known worldwide. We can make that happen for you!

Contemporanea Eventi has 20 years of experience in stand designing and building. An outstanding design of your stand will get full attention from the large number of media present at these events. We can provide the comfort and elegance your stand needs to make it the perfect place for your visitors.

Stands in Dusseldorf: top design and quality

Contemporanea Eventi has been competing for years with the best stand designers in the world. Our company not only has a wide experience but the best creative team as well. Our challenge is to completely satisfy our clients’ demands. An innovative design for your booth in Düsseldorf, adapted to your business or your company’s products, marks the difference among our competitors.
Your company aims to draw potential clients to your booth in Düsseldorf, which means attracting business and revenue. That can only be achieved with the perfect planning and design and the best services possible. Our main goal is to make all that happen as smoothly as possible.

stand tcl 6 mwc 2019

Stand TCL MWC 2019

stand lleida 1 mwc 2019

Stand Lleida MWC 2019

stand infobip 1 mwc 2019

Stand Infobip MWC 2019

stand applus 3 mwc 2019

Stand Applus MWC 2019

stand crosscall 2 mwc 2019

Stand Crosscall MWC 2019

stand swissvoice 1 mwc 2019

Stand Swissvoice MWC 2019

Cooperation and teamwork with the client

Contemporanes Eventi’s goal is to create your customized booth. Our staff becomes part of your company from the first minute. We want to make you feel comfortable and confident with our work. We begin by listening to your needs and ideas, interpreting them and getting to know your philosophy and values. We then produce a creative design representing your company and its values. The image and presentation of your booth in Düsseldorf must speak of your company in an innovative way.

We will walk side by side with you from the very beginning of the booth’s creation to its dismantling when the event is over. That is teamwork!

International expansion of our booths in Dusseldorf

Contemporanea Eventi is located in Barcelona. However, anywhere you choose to have an exhibition, we will be there for you. Our offices are located in Madrid, Bologna and Warsaw. We have a wide network of professionals all over the world, including designers, builders, lawyers, host services, transportation, catering and dismantling teams. They all meet our high standards of quality, service, professionality and expertise. We want your experience with us to be as perfect as possible.

Trade fairs in Düsseldorf

The city of Dusseldorf hosts 44 trade shows in 6 different facilities being the Messe Düsseldorf or Dusseldorf Exhibition Centre, the largest and most important of them. It hosts 33 in its facilities and it has 19 exhibition halls with a total surface of 262,000 square metres.

  • Caravan Salon, an International Motor Homes and Caravans Exhibition.
  • TourNatur, the Hiking and Trekking Exhibition.
  • MEDICA, the International Trade Show for the Medical Industry.
  • REHACARE INTERNATIONAL, the International Trade Fair for those with special needs and those requiring care.

The Areal Böhler hosts 7 smaller events and 4 different hotels in the city. The variety is overwhelming.

In addition, every Christmas, the city of Düsseldorf uses the city centre to host one of the largest Christmas gatherings in Germany.

This Christmas festival occurs every year from 17 November until 23 December. It attracts a large number of tourists every year, in spite of the cold weather, as well as many people from nearby areas. They come to the city to drink mulled wine and hot chocolate and watch craftsman blow glass and create art. It is similar to an old market with many small wooden buildings all clustered in the middle of the city for all the citizens to enjoy the Tradition of Christmas.

Whatever the product or service you want to present we can create the best booth in Dusseldorf for your brand.

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