Event organization company in Barcelona

We’re are not new in the Event Industry, with over ten years of offering outstanding services to our clients within the Barcelona area, and beyond, we have the required expertise to deliver excellent event organization to meet your expectations. Our strength also lies in our flexibility and strategy focused approach to providing suitable services, through a high understanding of our clients’ needs. With this model, we’re able to build a trustworthy relationship with our clients.
We understand that brainstorming for ideas to make your event a success could be a daunting task. We won’t let you go through such hurdles, with little information from your end; we’ll go out of our way to ensure we present innovative ideas that will make your event a world-class without having to break the bank. We’re committed to ensuring that your event records huge success and get your guests highly impressed. This is made possible by our professional on-demand staff, ready to listen to your needs in whatever way and work towards them.
Whether you’re looking for a reliable event organization company in Barcelona to organize your corporate event, stand-alone exhibition, or interior design without having to worry about the nitty-gritty details involve, Contemporanea Eventi has got you covered. Leave your worries to us; we won’t rest until we get you satisfied!

Are you Looking for an Event Organization Company in Barcelona to Select a Suitable Site for your Event?

Selecting a suitable site contributes hugely to the success of your event. You don’t want to get a site that may end up hindering your audience from attending the event or getting disappointed after attending. Based on your organization needs, Contemporanea Eventi will help you get the best site for your event.
We’ll find the best conference sites in Barcelona and send out a request for proposals, negotiate with them based on your budget, ensure risk management issues are addressed, and lots more. Overall, we’ll ensure you get the best place to host a hitch-free event.

Do You Need an Event Organization Company in Barcelona to Effectively Plan Transportation for Your Event?

If your event requires moving many people from different places around Barcelona, we can help you organize the entire transportation aspect of your event without spending beyond your budget. We operate with a goal-oriented and straightforward method. First, we schedule a meeting with you – this is to enable us to familiarize ourselves with your needs. After a clear understanding of your needs, we then proceed to plan and implement everything outrightly.
Our team of experts will request for proposals and negotiate the best contract with transport companies, analyze routing and ridership to avoid overspending, etc. We’re committed to ensuring that you don’t run into any problem with transportation, and as well maintain your budget.

Looking for Event Sponsorship?

If you’re looking for sponsors for an important event, Contemporanea Eventi knows exactly where to find sponsorship for you. We take our time to study your event and find the right people that will be interested. How to convince them is no problem, our experts know how to handle that and even set up a legal agreement with them.
So, do you need sponsorship for an important event? Why not contact us to benefit from our wealth of experience and professionalism. Our young, energetic, and dynamic team is always at your service!

Do You Want to Have a Professional Event Organization Company in Barcelona Organize Food and Beverages for Your Event?

You don’t want to organize an event that you couldn’t get the food and beverages go round all your attendees, or worst still, serving food that most of your audience doesn’t like. Contemporanea Eventi is here to help you. We take our time to understand the demographics of your audience – if your event is bringing in international attendees, we also research to ensure a suitable menu design and selection.
We work with a caterer to ensure the best menu choices based on the preference of your attendees, and ensure proper serving without waste.

Looking to Have the Right Speakers for Your Event?

Securing speakers for your event can sometimes be challenging, but that shouldn’t be a problem; we’ve got you covered! If you need to get on-demand speakers that are well versed in the areas you want to talk about, we have the expertise to get the right speakers that will add more colors to your event.
We go beyond to ensure all event promotional materials contain information of the correct speakers, and we seal the deal early enough to attract attendees. We’ll do this and more to ensure your event records massive success.
We do not underrate any job we handle, that is why we assign the best hands to any client to ensure superb turnaround.
Our services are strictly tailored to your needs while we also make inputs to give you a stunning finishing.
If you’ve been wondering where to get an event organization company in Barcelona that offers you all we’ve mentioned above, look no further – Contemporanea Eventi is at your reach! And if you have any special request, we’ll be happy to discuss with you. Contact us!